Participation Segments

Authentic Caribbean Foundation Inc. encourages your participation in support of the objectives of the foundation. To maximize returns for the Authentic Caribbean Foundation, we are also asking you to provide stays, giveaways or other appropriate items for our raffle. Complete and sign the Participant Commitment Form and return it to us. We look forward to welcoming you to the Caribbean Rum & Food Festival Boston.

Tasting Station & Bar

Each tasting station will be provided with one (1) prep table and one (1) table for serving. Participants will be notified of the location of their stations upon arrival at the event. There will be either 1 or 2 Bars (the number to be confirmed based on the Final Floor Plan). We are requesting that you provide at least one (1) bottle of your Rum for each of the bars, so attendees can still sample your brand. Note that only TASTINGS can take place at your station. If you would like to have MIXED DRINKS, these must be done from one of the bars. . If you plan to have a Mixologist, we can arrange to have him or her in one of the bars for a period of time. Companies that commit to a Lounge may host their mixologist in their lounge.


This is an opportunity for participants to upgrade their Tasting Stations to Lounges. Lounge Participants will have some flexibility in how they brand their space, and will have space for a Mixologist and a Chef to do samplings within the Lounge area. There will also be added décor, tables and seating. The Event organizer and the Event Planning Committee will meet separately with Lounge Participants to provide more details. Only 4 Lounges will be available and will be assigned on a first-come-first served basis.


If you are doing Rum Tastings, we ask that you provide one Case of the Rum(s) you will serve from your Station. Please add two premium bottles for the Silent Raffle. The Event Organizer will provide plastic shot glasses for sampling. However, you may provide your own branded Tasting shot glasses – please indicate on the Participant Agreement Form below, if you plan to do so.


If you are serving Food, you are responsible for all costs associated with the selection and preparation of your dishes. Note that we are catering for a minimum of 500 guests – we ask that you prepare 500 sample servings per item. The Event Organizer will provide cocktail size plates, small bowls, forks, knives, spoons and napkins for the Food Tasting Station.

Below are the list of our 2017 exhibitors


  • Authentic Caribbean Foundation Inc.
  • Boujaee Mama LLC
  • Health Connector
  • Herbal & Essential Aroma Beauty Bar
  • Meaningful Occasion
  • R & S Jamaica Restaurant
  • Tito Vodka
  • Zserbo Bakery